Dart Thin Kerf Circular Saw Blades - STK1652012

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DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 165Dmm x 20B x 12Z Image 1 Thumbnail

DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 165Dmm x 20B x 12Z

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DART Gold ATB Wood Saw Blade 165Dmm x 20B x 12Z

Professional TCT Thin Kerf blades designed for cordless machines to reduce power drain. The thin kerf increases efficiency and runtime on cordless machines. These quality blades feature an Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth configuration for the professional tradesman, and the front bevel tooth form is for a superior quality of cut. The unique 'gold' coating creates ultra-low friction and wear resistance. The Dart blades are body hardened and tempered to maintain trueness. Anti-kickback is for smooth action and safety during use. These blades have a reamed bored ensuring precise fit to spindles. They are suitable for use on rip saws and are in available in sizes from 120mm to 190mm diameter for coarse cutting through to the fine cutting of softwood, hardwood, particleboard, MDF, hardboard and plywood. Reducing rings also available.

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Blade Diameter 165mm
Bore Size 20mm
Number of Teeth 12
Tooth width 1.6mm
Plate Thickness 1.0mm