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Contemporary Kitchens
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HiF offers a wide range of kitchens in Contemporary Kitchens, please browse them below.

>Remo Matt (Stock Colours) Image

Remo Matt (Stock Colours)

>Ellerton (Stock Colours) Image

Ellerton (Stock Colours)

>Lichfield (Stock Colours) Image

Lichfield (Stock Colours)

>Ellerton (Paint To Order) Image

Ellerton (Paint To Order)

>Remo Gloss (Stock Colours) Image

Remo Gloss (Stock Colours)

>Lichfield  (Paint To Order) Image

Lichfield (Paint To Order)

>Malmo Gloss Finish Image

Malmo Gloss Finish

>Alpina Timber Veneered Slab Image

Alpina Timber Veneered Slab

>Porter Matt (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Matt (Stock Colours)

>Zurfiz Ultragloss White Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss White

>Porter Gloss (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Gloss (Stock Colours)

>Porter (Paint To Order) Image

Porter (Paint To Order)

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Glacier White Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Glacier White

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Cream Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Cream

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Mussel Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Mussel

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Cashmere Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Cashmere

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Light Grey Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Light Grey

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Baltic Blue Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Baltic Blue

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Black Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Black

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Metalic Champagne Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Metalic Champagne

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Blue Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Blue

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Anthracite Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Anthracite

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Limestone Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Limestone

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Copperleaf Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Copperleaf

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Noce Marino Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Noce Marino

>Zurfiz Ultragloss Japanese Pear Image

Zurfiz Ultragloss Japanese Pear

>Zurfiz Magma Steel (New) Image

Zurfiz Magma Steel (New)

>Zurfiz Magma Titanium (New) Image

Zurfiz Magma Titanium (New)

>Zurfiz Brushed Metal Stainless Steel (New) Image

Zurfiz Brushed Metal Stainless Steel (New)

>Zurfiz Supermatt White Image

Zurfiz Supermatt White

>Zurfiz Supermatt Cashmere Image

Zurfiz Supermatt Cashmere

>Zurfiz Supermatt Light Grey Image

Zurfiz Supermatt Light Grey

>Zurfiz Supermatt Dust Grey Image

Zurfiz Supermatt Dust Grey

>Zurfiz Supermatt Graphite Image

Zurfiz Supermatt Graphite

>Zurfiz Supermatt Indigo Blue (New) Image

Zurfiz Supermatt Indigo Blue (New)

>Zurfiz Ultramatt Metallic Basalt Image

Zurfiz Ultramatt Metallic Basalt

>Zurfiz Driftwood Light Grey Image

Zurfiz Driftwood Light Grey

>Zurfiz Evora Stone Graphite  Image

Zurfiz Evora Stone Graphite

>Zurfiz Oriental Black Image

Zurfiz Oriental Black

>Zurfiz Halifax Natural Oak Image

Zurfiz Halifax Natural Oak

>Zurfiz Gladstone Tobacco Oak Image

Zurfiz Gladstone Tobacco Oak