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Painted Timber/Foil
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30% Complete

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HiF offers a wide range of kitchens in Painted Timber/Foil, please browse them below.

>Milbourne  (Stock Colours) Image

Milbourne (Stock Colours)

>Mornington Beaded (Stock Colours) Image

Mornington Beaded (Stock Colours)

>Broadoak (Stock Colours) Image

Broadoak (Stock Colours)

>Lichfield (Stock Colours) Image

Lichfield (Stock Colours)

>Lichfield  (Paint To Order) Image

Lichfield (Paint To Order)

>Barnes (Stock Colours) Image

Barnes (Stock Colours)

>Barnes (Paint To Order) Image

Barnes (Paint To Order)

>Mornington Beaded (Paint To Order) Image

Mornington Beaded (Paint To Order)

>Fitzroy (Paint To Order) Image

Fitzroy (Paint To Order)

>Fitzroy (Stock Colours)  Image

Fitzroy (Stock Colours)

>Finsbury (Stock Colours) Image

Finsbury (Stock Colours)

>Finsbury (Paint To Order)  Image

Finsbury (Paint To Order)

>Hunton (Stock Colours) Image

Hunton (Stock Colours)

>Hunton (Paint To Order Colours) Image

Hunton (Paint To Order Colours)

>Porter Matt (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Matt (Stock Colours)

>Porter Gloss (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Gloss (Stock Colours)

>Porter (Paint To Order) Image

Porter (Paint To Order)

>Milbourne (Paint To Order) Image

Milbourne (Paint To Order)

>Mornington Shaker (Stock Colours) Image

Mornington Shaker (Stock Colours)

>Mornington Shaker (Paint To Order) Image

Mornington Shaker (Paint To Order)