Blanco BH467823 Hi-Light Ceramic Hob 6000W



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Blanco Hi-Light Ceramic Hob 6000W BH467823

Induction hob cooking can mean less waiting, lower fuel consumption and responsiveness.

The speed of the BH467823 induction hob cooking is one of its major benefits. Contents in the pan will heat up extremely quickly. An induction hob, for example, can bring 2 litres of water to the boil twice as fast as a ceramic hobĀ and the heating element is very easy to control thanks to up to 13 different power levels for absolute precision.

Induction Hobs

The induction hob provides one of the most efficient methods of cooking. Extremely fast and responsive with the ability to accurately control the power, induction hobs contain a strong electromagnetic coil positioned under the surface of the hob. When a suitable pan is placed on it, a circuit is created which begins a rapid and even transference of heat to the base of the pan and its contents.

Correct Pan Recognition

The Induction hob heating zone will only heat up if it senses a pan with a smooth, flat base, suitable diameter and ferrous metal content. This ensures that the hob will not heat up if smaller items, such as metal spoons, are accidentally left on the induction zones. The way to tell if a saucepan is Induction hob friendly is to hold a magnet to the bottom. If it is magnetic, it is safe to use.


The speed of induction cooking is one of the major benefits of having an induction cooking hob. Contents in the pan will heat up extremely quickly and the heating element is very easy to control thanks to up to 13 different power levels for absolute precision.


With induction hobs, only the base of the pan and the contents are heated. The ceramic glass remains much cooler than the traditional ceramic of gas hobs. This means there is little residual heat leftover once cooking is finished making induction hobs much safer. All BLANCO induction hobs have a built-in Child lock safety feature. This function can be set to avoid accidental switching on of the hob.

Energy Efficiency

Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient as they only heat up the base of the pan and its contents saving you money on your electricity bills. The efficiency of energy transfer for an induction cooker is 84% versus 40% when cooking with gas.


Cleaning an induction hob could not be easier. There are no parts to remove or difficult nooks and crannies to try and negotiate with a cloth, just a flat, non-porous surface which you can wipe over quickly.


590 X 520mm frameless 4 cooking zone black ceramic glass hob


Size 590x520mm Depth 41mm + glass 4 mm


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Specific Features:
C edge
Touch control
4 cooking zones
9 heat levels
Start-up boosters
Child lock
Rear access
4 Heat indicators
Optional: stainless steel trim available BH467833

Technical Info

Colour: Black
Type: Ceramic
Hob Zones: 4
Wok Burner: No
Hot Hob Indicator: Yes
Pan Supports: N/A
Flame Failure: N/A
Controls: Front
Control Type: Touch
Width (mm): 600