Hotpoint Class 5 SI5 851 CIX + MD554 IXH


SI5 851 CIX + MD554 IXH

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Hotpoint Class 5 SI5 851 CIX Electric Single Built-In Oven And Micro

Hotpoint SI5 851 CIX Oven

A beautiful addition to your kitchen décor, the Hotpoint Built-In Oven SI5 851 CIX, is eye-catching, sleek and designed to making your cooking experiences a pleasure. Featuring a 71L capacity, A+ energy rating, easy cleaning solutions and impressive technology to ensure even heat for all-round cooking.

With Mulitiflow Technology, a new style of convection system creates an all-enveloping heat flow which pushes heat into every inch of the oven cavity for consistently even, delicious dishes every time – whichever shelf you’re using. Ideal for ensuring perfectly risen cakes and bread, plus reducing cold spots in your favourite dishes.

Telescopic Shelving takes the burden of heavy dishes, giving you both hands-free to lift them in and out of the oven with a lower risk of mishaps and spillages. When it comes to cleaning the oven, this model features Catalytic Liners – a self-cleaning system that requires no chemicals as special panels against the oven wall will catch food and fat spits, evaporating them during the cooking process.

For the hard-to-reach area of the oven roof, the Tilting Grill simply unhooks giving you easy access for cleaning, before sliding back into place whilst the Anti-Fingerprint coating on the oven’s exterior provides a resistant finish so the surface is always gleaming and bright. Easily operated through the electronic Mono Dial for full control and with a triple glazed door to reduce temperature loss, the Hotpoint Built-In Oven (S15 851 C IX), has been designed with style and functionality in mind.

Features (Oven)

  • Multiflow Heat Distribution
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • 7 Tailored Programmes
  • 8 Traditional Functions
  • Electronic Mono Dial Control
  • Tilting Grill
  • Telescopic Shelf
  • Eternal Catalytic Liners
  • Triple Glazed Door
  • Capacity: 71 Litres
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • EAN code: 5016108967966

Hotpoint MP554 IXH Microwave

Easily integrated into your kitchen décor, the Hotpoint Built-In Microwave (MP 554 1X H) combines a 31L cooking capacity with a supreme 1000W of power and 3 automatic programs. Featuring Multiwave Technology for an absolutely even cooking experience, this system uses two entry points for the microwaves to meet your food, uniformly filling the cavity to ensure every aspect of your dish is thoroughly heated or defrosted.

Combining aspects of microwave and 800w grill, create a variety of starters, mains and puddings in one appliance. For fans of crispy-based pizzas, tarts and quiches, the Dynamic Crisp function with dedicated crisp plate ensures flaky pastry, snap-crunch bases with succulent toppings and fillings. A sleek design and easy-to-use interface make the Hotpoint Built-In Microwave a pleasure to cook with.

Features (Micro)

  • Multiwave Technology
  • Electronic Mono Dial Control
  • Dynamic Crisp
  • 3 Automatic Programmes
  • Child Lock
  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Grill Power: 800 Watts
  • Capacity: 31 Litres
  • EAN: 5016108966853

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