Gloss or Matt Kitchen: Which is Best for You?

Gloss or Matt Kitchen: Which is Best for You?

Posted by Derek


The pros and cons of matt and gloss kitchen finishes


Matt or Gloss Kitchens From HiF Kitchens


Are you looking for a new kitchen renovation? If so, then the chances are that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. There’s a common dilemma that echoes in the kitchen industry: a matt finish or a gloss finish? Like black and white, these two styles have contrasting personalities, but both offer you a stunning kitchen that you’ll boast about.


Before taking the plunge, there are some important questions you need to address. How big is your kitchen? Do you want it to have a modern or traditional style? How much natural lighting is there?


What it boils down to is what you want most out of your kitchen, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to strip down each of their features and analyse everything through a microscopic lens. Read on to find out more.


What’s a gloss finish?


Gloss Kitchens By Hif Kitchens


Shiny and reflective, gloss finishes are high in demand, mainly due to their ability to light up the kitchen. Like night and day, gloss kitchens have a completely different relationship with light compared to the matt finish. Instead of absorbing light, gloss surfaces reflect it. Interested? Let’s explore this further.


Makes your kitchen seem spacious


Remember when we criticised matt finishes for making kitchens seem smaller than they really are? The gloss kitchen does the opposite. By reflecting light, your kitchen will appear more spacious, making it an ideal choice if you’ve got a small kitchen.


Easy to clean


Trying to remove a stubborn stain is frustrating enough but what really tears the hair out are the permanent marks left on the kitchen surfaces as evidence of your cleaning efforts. Thankfully, with gloss kitchens, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe away your worries.


Creates a vibrant look


Vivacious and energetic, your gloss kitchen will add an exciting vibrancy that will rub off on you and your guests if you’re looking for a new and fresh look to your kitchen, the gloss design ticks all of the right boxes.


Things to look out for


Easy to notice marks


Since the light is so reflective, it’s not difficult to notice fingerprints, scratches and even dirt that have accumulated. This can be a bit of a headache if you’re obsessed with having a spotless kitchen - and even more so if you’ve got children.


Darker colours reveal more imperfections.


Even just a fingerprint will be a lot more noticeable with gloss finishes in darker colours, perhaps restricting you to only the lighter shades.


Best suited to only contemporary and modern kitchen styles.


Mixing gloss cabinets with any kitchen accessory that has a classic or rustic feel to it is like mixing oil with water - there’s no cohesion. This means that you won’t have any future flexibility in the style of your kitchen, forcing you to stick with this design.


What’s a matt finish?


Matt Kitchens By HiF Kitchens


Matt finish cabinets absorb all the lighting, giving them a flat but stylish look. Elegant and sophisticated, this type of finish dresses your kitchen in a tailored suit ready to greet and charm guests in the heart of your home. Apart from providing your kitchen with a charming personality, the matt kitchen style offers so much more. Let’s delve a bit deeper into this.


Great versatility


Matt kitchens are appreciated for their ability to work with a broad range of different kitchen designs. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or something more contemporary, matt kitchens can complement any look.


Low maintenance


If you’re one for getting easily irritated by smudges and fingerprints on your kitchen tops, then the matt finish will definitely overcome this problem. This style helps to conceal any imperfections, making it more difficult to notice stains due to the lack of light, exposing them to the naked eye.


Better consistency


Have a look at the photo below. Notice how the consistency in the dark colouring provides it with a fuller look compared to the red kitchen above with the gloss finish. A matt kitchen will add real depth to the chosen colour.


Dark Textured Finished Kitchens By HiF Kitchens


A luxurious feel


The consistency of the colours combined with the soft and smooth feel of the kitchen tops provides a stunning and sharp look that accentuates an aura of sophistication.


Things to look out for


More difficult to clean on


Matt kitchens are highly effective at hiding initial bumps, scratches and smudges, but when these eventually show up, they do become a problem. How so?


When you clean matt surfaces, the whole process runs the risk of adding further damage by staining them with streaks and permanent smudges, leaving evidence of your efforts.


Not suitable for smaller kitchens


Matt surfaces absorb light instead of reflecting it, making your kitchen space seem smaller than it actually is. Having surfaces that can reflect light is a simple but effective way of creating the illusion of a bigger kitchen. A gloss style is what you’re looking for here.


Poor lighting


If your kitchen doesn’t attract a lot of natural light, then the matt finish will further absorb what’s there, creating a rather dull look.


Final thoughts


And there we have it, a summary of the most important features to take note of when choosing between these two popular kitchen finishes. Having to choose between the matt or gloss finish is a favourable dilemma since either design is guaranteed to give your home a stunning look.

For more inspiration on the different designs available to you, make sure to have a look at our kitchen store, which boasts an exciting range of the most popular kitchen styles around, or contact a member of our team today to find out what kitchen would best enrich your home.