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PWS Kitchen Handles

PWS Kitchen Handles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality kitchen handles, offering a wide range of styles, finishes, and sizes to suit any kitchen design. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, PWS has become a trusted name among designers, architects, and homeowners, known for their exceptional quality, durability, and style.

One of the standout features of PWS Kitchen Handles is the wide variety of designs available. Whether you are looking for a traditional, rustic look or a sleek, modern design, there is a handle to suit your needs. Some popular styles include the classic cup handle, the contemporary bow handle, and the stylish bar handle.

In addition to their various designs, PWS Kitchen Handles offers multiple finishes, including brushed nickel, polished chrome, satin brass, and antique bronze. This means that you can find a handle that perfectly matches your kitchen's colour scheme and style, from the most traditional to the most modern.

PWS Kitchen Handles are also known for their exceptional quality and durability. Each handle is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are long-lasting and withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This means you can install PWS Kitchen Handles with confidence, knowing that they will last for years.

In addition to their quality construction, PWS Kitchen Handles are also designed with ease of use in mind. They are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip, making it easy to open and close cabinets and drawers. They are also easy to install, with most handles featuring a simple screw-on design that makes installation quick and hassle-free.

Another feature that sets PWS Kitchen Handles apart is their customization options. Many of their handles can be customized to suit your specific needs, such as changing the size or finish of the handle. This means you can create a unique look for your kitchen that perfectly reflects your style.

PWS Kitchen Handles are also known for their environmentally conscious approach. They are committed to using sustainable materials and practices whenever possible, ensuring their products are eco-friendly and socially responsible. This makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing style or quality.

Overall, PWS Kitchen Handles is an excellent choice for stylish kitchen handles. With a wide range of designs, finishes, and customization options, you will find the perfect handle to suit your needs. And with their exceptional quality and durability, you can trust that PWS Kitchen Handles will stand up to the test of time.

If you have any questions regarding PWS Handles, please call us at 01334 753003 or HiF Kitchens stock a wide range of PWS handles to suit all kitchen styles and ranges.

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