Kitchen Hobs

At HiF Kitchens, we understand that every cook has unique requirements, preferences and kitchen size constraints. We offer many hob types to cater to all cooking needs. We take pride in presenting various elegant gas and electric solid plates, radiant hobs, and induction kitchen hobs sourced from reputed suppliers such as Hotpoint, Indesit, and Whirlpool. Our hobs come in various sizes with 2, 4 or 5 burners to cater to all cooking demands.

Each type of hob we offer has innovative features to help you achieve the perfect cooking results. Our gas hobs, for instance, feature direct flame options that distribute heat evenly throughout the pan's surface, ensuring efficient cooking. Our induction hobs come with child lock options, which ensure that your little ones stay safe from harm while you're cooking. Our radiant and electric solid plate hobs also have unique benefits and features, such as fast heating times and precise temperature control.

When choosing a hob, it's essential to consider your cooking requirements and preferences. Gas hobs are ideal for those who prefer traditional cooking methods and enjoy the distinct flavour and aroma of gas cooking. Electric solid plate hobs are perfect for those who want a sleek, modern look with easy-to-clean surfaces. Radiant hobs provide a more responsive and efficient cooking experience with even heat distribution across the entire surface. In contrast, induction hobs are perfect for those who value speed and precision in their cooking.

Whatever your cooking needs, HiF Kitchens has the perfect hob for you. Our wide range of hob types and sizes ensures you can find the ideal hob to suit your kitchen and cooking style, making your culinary experience a breeze. Browse through our collection today and find your perfect hob match!

HiF Kitchens Brand Partners

HiF Kitchens using our years of experience are able to offer our customers the best kitchen, appliances, worktops and consumables in Fife, Scotland.

We work with PWS, Burbidge, Blanco, Indesit, Siemens and Hotpoint to provide our customers the very best service.