Modern kitchen design ideas

Modern kitchen design ideas

Posted by Derek

Modern Kitchen Design ideas


More and more people realise the benefits of living in clean, tidy, and simple spaces. And what better way to achieve this in your kitchen than with a modern kitchen design?

Each aspect must be carefully thought through to make a modern kitchen design work. There's no use making some things sleek and contemporary and some just old and out of place. The entire room has to be a bold statement of modernity with decor ideas.

And thankfully, this article is going to tell you exactly how to do that.

Throughout, we are going to be implementing three fundamental modern kitchens ideas or themes:

  • Simplicity,
  • Technology, and
  • Neutrality

By keeping these three themes in mind while making modern kitchen design choices, you will end up with a stunning, modern kitchen. Suppose you're looking to design a new, modern kitchen. In that case, our recommendation is to read this article alongside our ultimate guide to designing your kitchen, which will provide you with even more ideas to apply these modern design principles to.


Modern Kitchen design


Modern Kitchens Ideas


Our first modern kitchens idea, simplicity, can be applied in two ways; in how you store things in your kitchen and how you design the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Simple Storage

To achieve a modern look, it is vital to minimise the amount of clutter in the kitchen cupboards. You can do this by packing as much stuff away into storage space as possible, but this requires some inventive ways of maximising your storage space without it being seen.

  • Stainless steel racks inside cupboard doors can provide valuable extra space for all those herbs, spices, and condiments.


  • Pull-out corner cabinet drawers are an incredible way to squeeze every last inch of storage space out of those otherwise wasteful corner areas.


  • A new kitchen island with masses of storage space underneath it not only adds more space to tidy away pots and pans but is itself a very modern kitchen feature.


  • A tall pull-out pantry drawer is another way to use awkward, otherwise useless space by turning it into a valuable and unique storage area.


Simple Modern Kitchen Design

Keep your modern kitchen design and style choices simple. The less is more principle well and truly applies. Here are some ideas for that ultra-modern look.

  • A high-gloss finish or your kitchen cabinets will reflect lots of light, making the room seem bright, spacious, and shiny, all the hallmarks of a contemporary kitchen area.


  • Handle-less cabinets will further enhance the effect by minimising the eyes distractions and creating a super-sleek look.


  • A polished concrete floor is the ultimate mark of modernity in today's kitchens. Advances in engineering mean concrete can be buffed and polished to an astonishing degree, adding further shine and stark design.



As with any room in the house, utilising the latest technology has to offer is a sure-fire way to add sophisticated style while increasing the functionality of your kitchen. Often, new technologies provide a way to reduce or even remove previously required items, as some of our examples below will demonstrate.

Hot Water Taps

You can now install a Quooker tap system that will provide cold, filtered drinking water, hot water for doing the dishes, and 100°C boiling water for cooking, teas, and coffee!

This simple idea will remove the need for a kettle, making your worktop less cluttered. It will also save you time (the boiling water is instant) and money (these taps reduce electricity costs).

Induction Hobs With Integrated Extractor

Modern induction hobs are a highly efficient way of cooking your food. They also look super stylish with their low, sleek profile hardly rising above the worktop level.

What's more, many models come with an integrated extractor system built into the hob, removing the need for one of the biggest eye-sores in any kitchen, the bulky overhead extractor fan.


Downdraft Extractors


Pop-up Power Socket Towers

When you're aiming for a minimalist kitchen design, one thing that can spoil the look is power sockets along the wall. Any modern kitchen design will need several power sockets, but how to get them without ruining the look?

Pop-up power socket towers can be fitted into worktops or kitchen islands, providing an electricity source when needed and can then be pushed down and out of sight when not in use.


A significant influence on modern kitchen design is the idea of minimalism. At its core, this involves keeping things as simple as possible. If it's not required, it's not allowed. And this principle applies to the colour scheme of your modern kitchen too.

The objective is to minimise distractions for the eye and allow the kitchen features simplicity to stand out. And to achieve this, neutral colour tones are the only way to go.

White is the most obvious candidate and can create a visually dazzling effect when applied in bright kitchens with a gloss finish. However, in recent years, grey has become the new white, as this on-style tone can provide a slightly less rugged look while maintaining a neutral and sophisticated colour scheme.

Other great options to consider are beige and ivory, which provide a creamier, subtler hue than white or grey.

The Exception

Now, there is one massive, glaring caveat for colour schemes, modern kitchens, and the neutrality mantra. Most modern kitchen designs will adopt a neutral colour scheme; however, some stunning examples either abandon this idea entirely or tweak it slightly.

They do so by bombarding their kitchens with bold colours, such as red, yellow, or even black! Some kitchens work well with mostly neutral colours combined with a splash of bright colour, for example, on just one set of kitchen cabinets. Others make all the cabinets one bold colour.

Another modern kitchens idea to add splashes of colour without altering your cabinets is sticking with neutral tones throughout your kitchen, but adding brightly coloured appliances, furniture, or artwork.

The Final Say

If you're looking to drag your home into the 21st century, installing a beautiful modern kitchen is undoubtedly one way to do it. We genuinely hope you've found this guide to modern kitchens ideas useful and hope you have fun experimenting with some of the design ideas we've discussed.

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