In-Frame Kitchens - What's The Difference To A Lay-On

In-Frame Kitchens - What's The Difference To A Lay-On

Posted by Derek

What is an In-Frame Kitchen?

Picking a style for your new kitchen is certainly not an easy task. We’ve all been there. You get the kids to bed, get a cup of tea ready and set aside the rest of the evening to extensively research your dream kitchen style. But lo and behold, after half an hour of information overload, your brain is fried, and you resolve to carry on “tomorrow”.

We get that, which is why we’ve decided that we’ll give you a short and sweet explanation of just one type of kitchen in this article. Easy to read and easy to understand.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about “in-frame” kitchens. Nothing more, nothing less. A nice bite-sized chunk of kitchen research.

Let’s crack on.

Inframe Kitchen


What Is An “In-Frame” Kitchen?

It’s quite an elusive name, isn’t it, “in-frame”. Is the entire kitchen framed within a frame? Or is it a trendy nickname for the latest “cool” kitchens?

The answer, thankfully, is straightforward.

An in-frame kitchen is simply a kitchen where the cabinet doors and drawers are set within a frame. Think of it as each cabinet door and drawer being surrounded by its own little frame.

That doesn’t give much away. So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of choosing an in-frame kitchen.

The Benefits Of An In-Frame Kitchen

When choosing your kitchen, likely at the forefront of your mind are two questions; does it look good? And will it last a long time? In-frame kitchens pass these tests with flying colours.


In-frame kitchen units are made by first adding a solid frame to the kitchen carcass. The doors or drawers are then expertly fitted within this solid frame, resulting in an incredibly sturdy kitchen unit. This sturdiness is what will see your in-frame kitchen through many, many years of use and abuse.

Another important point to consider here is that installing a sturdy in-frame kitchen may save you money in the long run in not having to shell out on another full kitchen if you were to opt for a cheaper, though less durable, option.

Beautiful Style

While durability is a sensible, practical issue to consider (and all good adults consider the sensible, practical issues), if we’re honest, that’s the boring bit out the way. The real reason why the popularity of in-frame kitchens is skyrocketing is that they are beautiful.

There’s something about the way each door and drawer has its own carefully crafted frame that makes each and everyone look special. The time, effort and craftsmanship that has gone into each kitchen unit are immediately obvious.

Each door and drawer's framing normally transforms just ordinary, run of the mill parts of a kitchen into a design statement in their own right. 

The craftsmanship and gorgeous design of an in-frame kitchen combine to produce a luxurious kitchen that will have you beaming with pride for years to come.

Inframe Kitchens


The Downsides Of An In-Frame Kitchen

We do believe in-frame kitchens are an excellent choice. However, we are not here to be uncritical cheerleaders. They have their downsides too.

More Expensive Generally

The craftsmanship and exquisite design we have highlighted tend to come at a price, with in-frame kitchens generally being a bit more expensive than your ordinary kitchen cabinet style.

While this is certainly something to consider when weighing up what style to go for, another important consideration has already been mentioned. When investing as considerable as which kitchen to buy, thinking long term is the way to go. While there may be a steeper upfront cost with in-frame kitchens, if they are going to outlast a cheaper option, it could save you money in the long run. 

Slightly Less Cabinet And Drawer Space

Owing to the doors and drawers' framing within a frame, there is naturally going to be slightly less space in your drawers and less room to fit things into your doors.

If you are already tight for storage space or are currently storing many larger items like casserole dishes or mixing bowls, this is certainly something to consider.

The Final Say

In-frame kitchens are by no means perfect. Costing more and providing slightly less space, they may even seem a slightly strange idea on the face of it.

But their beautiful style and durability are mightily redeeming factors that make in-frame kitchens one of the most attractive and popular kitchen styles on the market today.

We hope this guide has helped set out all you need to know about in-frame kitchens.

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