7 Hot Benefits of a Quooker Tap

7 Hot Benefits of a Quooker Tap

Posted by Derek

7 Hot Benefits of a Quooker Tap

Boiling water with an electric kettle is not a bad idea. But how convenient is it? You must plug it into a power source each time you use it and disconnect it after you are done.

But what if you didn’t have to go through all that hassle? Imagine turning on your tap, and the water is hot any time of the day. If it already sounds too good to be true, you can make it possible by installing a Quooker tap in your household.

The Quooker is a uniquely hot and cold water tap with a sleek design. This Instant Hot Boiling tap comes with an In-Build Filtered Water and Cube System. What’s more, this tap saves not only energy but also water.

Quooker is a stylish and valuable addition to your household, unlike simple taps. If you want to know more about the benefits of these taps, keep reading.

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1. Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners are wary of high energy bills regarding electrical appliances. The good news is that the hot water tap is tremendously energy efficient. You will use more power with your electric kettle than with a Quooker.

A Quooker tap depends on a tank to keep the hot water in supply. The tank is plugged into a power source. The unit runs on electricity. The tank is also well-insulated to keep the water hot for as long as needed.

Your Quooker only needs 10 watts of standby energy to keep hot water running. This is equivalent to the power your internet modem uses.

Thanks to its high insulation, a Quooker consumes half of the energy used by the traditional boiler. Due to its energy efficiency, experts have given Quooker COMBI an A rating. It is undoubtedly the most energy-efficient water supply in the household.

Regardless of the number of times you use hot water in your home, you can still save money on energy bills.

2. Sustainability

Most water heating systems in a household are not sustainable. With the Quooker, you can get a constant water supply within your home every day of the year. It can serve you for 15 to 20 years if you look after it properly.

A Quooker tap is also more eco-friendly than an electric kettle. It dispenses only the amount of water you want to use at a time. And it helps you save water because you do not have to fill it every time you need hot water.

Thanks to its stainless steel tank, a Quooker is easy to maintain. And the process of manufacturing is sustainable.

On top of that, you don’t have to buy plastic bottles for drinking water. You can get sparkling and chilled water directly from the Quooker.

3. Unrivalled Quality

Henri Petri came up with a hot water tap in the Netherlands. That was back in 1970. Over the years, the hot water tap has defied the odds to become the best water supply system.

The addition of the Quooker CUBE to this system has only improved it. Today, you can filter chilled and sparkling water from the same hot water supply source in modern homes.

 The Quooker has several patents that protect it. The objective is to ensure that similar products with low-quality standards do not make it to the market.

A Quooker is resilient and can provide hot water for over ten years. This is more than the best kettle would last in a household. Moreover, most Quookers come with a 2-year-old warranty.

4. Maximum Safety

Scalding resulting from hot water is common in most households. About 2500 people suffer these kinds of burns in the UK every year. Children are at a high risk of scalding due to hot water accidents.

Fortunately, a Quooker tap will never accidentally dispense hot water. One of its safety mechanisms requires you to press the handle twice and turn the knob.

This is the only way it will release the hot water. The sophisticated press and twist system makes a Quooker extremely safe. The chances of turning the Quooker tap on accidentally are slim.

The Quooker’s safety features protect your children from hot water hazards. It also has a light ring that lets you know that hot water is running. With this warning, you will hardly touch the hot water accidentally.

Quooker taps come with rotatable spouts. The ultimate objective is to allow the user to direct the water precisely. If you are trying to fill a cup with hot water, you can safely run the water from the tap into a mug.

The sprout also comes with ample insulation. It does not get hot when the water is running. You can barely go wrong and burn yourself when using a Quooker.

Unlike a kettle that can easily topple over, a Quooker tap will not. It is firmly attached to the surface. Children will not grab it like a kettle and pour hot water on themselves.

A Quooker also comes with a patented aerated flow. If you accidentally run your hand underneath the boiling stream of water, you can get away with it without scalding. You should, however, not intentionally try that.

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5. Convenience

Most home hot water supply systems are not convenient for users. For instance, you must fill up a kettle with cold water and plug it into a power source. When the water is ready, you need to disconnect the kettle and use the water.

A Quooker is quite convenient. Its tank is always plugged into a power source. Whenever you need hot water, you turn the tap on.

As you wash your pan, you can run the Quooker tap directly on its surface. And when you want sparkling and chilled water, you will get it from the same source.

Also, 1OO degrees Celsius boiling water is at your disposal. Whether you need it early in the morning or late at night, you can count on the Quooker.

The water needs of every household vary. The Quooker gives you an unlimited supply of hot or ambient water whenever you need it. You can switch between ambient or hot water by pressing a button.

If you want chilled water, a Quooker is adaptable enough to provide it. It is a single water supply unit that can meet all your needs. Its pull-out hose allows you to rinse your pan or chopping board effortlessly.

According to a new survey, we spend many hours waiting for a kettle to boil throughout our lifetime. A Quooker will provide hot water instantly. You don’t have to waste valuable time waiting for water to boil.

6. Quooker Occupies Less Space and Is Neat

Most people think you need significant space in the kitchen to install a hot water tap. However, this is far from the truth.

A Quooker does not occupy much space in the kitchen. The tank is about 400mm in height with a diameter of 150mm. This depends on the model you choose.

The Quooker fits in all types of kitchens. It allows you to save much-needed space on and under the worktop.

Homeowners love to keep their kitchens neat. This is not easy when leaving your kettle on the kitchen counter. Sometimes you will fill the kettle to the brim, and it will spill water as it boils.

With a Quooker tap, you can keep your kitchen as neat as possible. These hot water taps are elegant. You can choose a design that complements your kitchen.

Once you install a Quooker tap in your kitchen, you can forget the annoying kettle clutter. And have some more space on your worktop.

These taps will catch the attention of anyone who steps into your kitchen. Both functionality and the appeal of a Quooker tap cannot go unnoticed.

7. Tasty Drinking Water

A Quooker tap provides fresh and tasty water. Its tank comes with a carbon filter, which purifies the boiling water coming from the tap.

The tank keeps the water under a certain level of pressure. It maintains the water temperature at 110 degrees Celsius. And this keeps it fresh at all times.

The Active Carbon and Hollow Fiber in the Quooker Cube eliminate harmful bacteria in the water. You get a constant supply of safe-to-drink water.

Get a Quooker Tap Today

Would you like a more convenient supply of hot water in your kitchen? Purchase a Quooker tap, and you will never need the kettle again. As you can see, the benefits of a hot water tap are unrivalled when it comes to boiling water.

The unit will cater to your hot water needs and provide chilled and sparkling water. If you are wondering where to get a high-quality Quooker tap, contact us today and place your order.

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