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Ovens - SI9891SCIX

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Hotpoint SI9891SCIX Multi Function Single Oven

Product Code: SI9891SCIX
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Hotpoint SI9891SCIX Multi-Function Single Oven - Stainless Steel


Make more in your kitchen with the Hotpoint Built-In Oven SI9891SCIX 73L of cooking capacity, A+ energy rating, plus impressive technology to ensure even heat for an absolutely all-round cooking experience. With Mulitiflow Technology, a new style of convection system creates an all-enveloping heat flow. This pushes heat into every inch of the oven for consistently even, delicious dishes every time whichever shelf you’re using. Including a Meat Probe to aid you in serving up succulent joints and birds. The temperature is monitored with cooking stopping automatically once the probe displays the pre-set temperature for your dish.

This helps to prevent over-cooking or cold spots that can ruin a meal. Beyond just helping you to create amazing eats, this SI9891SCIX Hotpoint Oven also brings a wealth of features for easy use. Incorporating Telescopic Shelving to take the burden of heavy dishes. You'll have both hands free to lift them in and out of the oven with a lower risk of mishaps. The triple-glazed, Soft Close door also ensures gentle contact with closing to prevent unnecessary heat loss and temperature fluctuations.

When it comes to cleaning the oven, this model features Catalytic Liners. A self-cleaning system that requires no chemicals. Special panels against the oven wall will catch food and fat spits, evaporating them during the cooking process.

For the hard-to-reach area of the oven roof, the Tilting Grill unhooks giving you easy access for cleaning. We’ve even applied an Anti-Fingerprint coating to the oven’s exterior to give a resistant finish so the surface is always gleaming and bright. Operated via the easy-to-use Touch Control panel, the Hotpoint Built-In Oven ushers a new era of hassle-free cooking into your home, freeing your time for the more fun things in life without compromising on culinary quality.


Touch Control

Smooth control at your fingertips. Precision right at your fingertips with touch-sensitive panels that give you total control over your oven.

For more information on this oven from the Hotpoint website click here.

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  • Multiflow Heat Distribution
  • 28 Automatic Recipes
  • 16 Automatic Functions
  • 6 Traditional Functions
  • Electronic Touch Control
  • Meat Probe
  • Telescopic Shelf
  • Eternal Catalytic liners
  • Soft Close Triple Glazed Door
  • Capacity: 73 Litres
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • EAN code: 8007842967661