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HiF offers a wide range of kitchens for the PWS brand, please browse them below.

Milbourne  (Stock Colours) Image

Milbourne (Stock Colours)

Mornington Beaded (Stock Colours) Image

Mornington Beaded (Stock Colours)

Remo Matt (Stock Colours) Image

Remo Matt (Stock Colours)

Ellerton (Stock Colours) Image

Ellerton (Stock Colours)

Broadoak (Stock Colours) Image

Broadoak (Stock Colours)

Lichfield (Stock Colours) Image

Lichfield (Stock Colours)

Ellerton (Paint To Order) Image

Ellerton (Paint To Order)

Remo Gloss (Stock Colours) Image

Remo Gloss (Stock Colours)

Lichfield  (Paint To Order) Image

Lichfield (Paint To Order)

Mornington Beaded (Paint To Order) Image

Mornington Beaded (Paint To Order)

Fitzroy (Paint To Order) Image

Fitzroy (Paint To Order)

Fitzroy (Stock Colours)  Image

Fitzroy (Stock Colours)

Alpina Timber Veneered Slab Image

Alpina Timber Veneered Slab

Hunton (Stock Colours) Image

Hunton (Stock Colours)

Hunton (Paint To Order Colours) Image

Hunton (Paint To Order Colours)

Porter Matt (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Matt (Stock Colours)

Porter Gloss (Stock Colours) Image

Porter Gloss (Stock Colours)

Porter (Paint To Order) Image

Porter (Paint To Order)

Milbourne (Paint To Order) Image

Milbourne (Paint To Order)

Mornington Shaker (Stock Colours) Image

Mornington Shaker (Stock Colours)

Mornington Shaker (Paint To Order) Image

Mornington Shaker (Paint To Order)