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MIRO 90381 FC Plus + Eccentric Adapter

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MIRO 90381 FC Plus + Eccentric Adapter

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MIRO 90381 FC Plus + eccentric adapter - 90381

Miro Carbon Filters FC Plus

FC-Plus filters use the most natural material for air purification. Activated mineral carbon in the form of pellets 8x4 mm in
diameter. Thanks to its dimensions, they make it the perfect pellet to clean the air completely. They can filter odours and harmful elements such as acids, nicotine and alcohol, among others. Long-lasting active FCPlus Ceiling Carbon Filter.
Miro’s long-life filter FC-Plus Ceiling has a lifespan of up to 5 years. It incorporates more carbon than traditional carbon filters (up to 2.3 kg). For this reason, it absorbs 7 to 10 times more and allows two possible regenerations with a regeneration
life of 12 months and allowing it to be refilled as many times as desired. To regenerate the filter, place it in the
oven for 1 hour at a minimum temperature of 250º.

Regenerable And Refillable 

The FC-Plus can be regenerated twice
allowing recharge whilst maintaining
its external metal structure.

Easy Maintenance

During their life cycle, they do not need
maintenance or cleaning.


Once the pellets are saturated, the coal
is recycled completely through a green
dot recovering the material at high

Long Service Life

FC-Plus filters, with their two regenerations, have a service life of up to 5
years. However, they can be refilled as
many times as desired. 


The FC-Plus Ceiling carbon filter is very easy to install. Fixing clips are supplied that fit into the body of the hood
and allow the filter to be firmly attached to the hood, avoiding any vibrations, as detailed below. A handle is also
supplied to remove the filter. This simple system allows them to be removed very easily so that they can be regenerated when necessary.

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