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Pergo Sound & Heat Underlay - Neutral Softboard

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Pergo Sound & Heat Underlay - Neutral Softboard

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Product Information

Introducing the Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 – Your Ultimate Flooring Companion!

A thick underlay made of wood fibre that absorbs impact sound increases walking comfort and compensates for minor height differences between different floor levels.

Elevate your flooring experience to unprecedented levels of comfort and stability with the Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10. Specially crafted to complement a wide range of flooring types, this premium underlay is designed to provide the perfect foundation for your beautiful spaces.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Comfort: Say goodbye to the discomfort of stepping on cold and hard floors. The Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 adds an extra layer of cushioning that transforms your living spaces into cosy retreats.

  2. Enhanced Durability: Engineered with quality in mind, this underlay enhances the longevity of your flooring by offering exceptional support and protection against wear and tear. It acts as a reliable barrier between your flooring and the subfloor, ensuring a longer lifespan for your investment.

  3. Sound Insulation: Tired of echoing footsteps and clattering noises? The Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 effectively reduces sound transmission between floors, creating a peaceful environment for you to enjoy, free from unwanted disturbances.

  4. Easy Installation: Thanks to its user-friendly design, installing the Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 is a breeze. Lay it down, and its intuitive structure ensures a hassle-free setup, saving you time and effort during your flooring project.

  5. Moisture Management: Prevent moisture-related issues that could harm your flooring with the moisture-resistant properties of this underlay. The Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 helps maintain a healthy environment by preventing mould and mildew growth.

  6. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're installing hardwood, laminate, or engineered flooring, this underlay accommodates a variety of materials, making it a versatile choice for any project.

  7. Under Floor Heating: The Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Experience the joy of walking on cloud-like comfort, the reassurance of superior protection, and the tranquillity of reduced noise – all with the Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10. Elevate your space with this essential addition that makes a world of difference beneath your feet.

Transform your home with the Pergo difference. Order the Pergo Underlay Neutral Softboard PGNEUDLSB10 today and enter a world of premium flooring comfort and excellence. Your floors deserve nothing less!


Technical Data Sheet

Neutral Softboard is a quality product distributed by Unilin BVBA, division Flooring. Belgium. Ooigemstraat 3,

 Multilayered soft board from wood fibres
 FSC certified
 Reduces impact sound
 High walking comfort
 Compensate for minor height differences
 Compatible with floor heating
 Rigid construction - very suitable for installation under click floors
 Easy to install

Technical characteristics:
 Dimensions: panels of 790 mm x 590 mm
 Packing Unit: 1 pack = 22 panels
 The total surface area of 1pack: 10.25m²
 Thickness: 4mm
 Test results:

Transmission sound
The sound that travels down through the floor can be
experienced as annoying by neighbours on the level below
 Result: Lw (dB): 17-19 dB
 Norm: ISO 140-8 norm.
 Institute: CTBA

Heat resistance
Suitable for underfloor heating
 Result: R-value: 0.06m²K/W.
 Norm: EN 12664
 Institute: In the company
Compression strength
(at 0,5 mm deformation)
 Result: 39 kPa (3,9 ton/m²)
 Standard: prEN16354
 Institute: In-company

Installation Instructions:
If installing on a mineral subfloor, do a PE before laying the Soft board. The floor must be clean, dry and flat.
The installation direction should be perpendicular (crosswise) to the direction of the flooring. Place the sheets with a
half-drop displacement of the sheets between the first and second rows. Continue until the entire space is covered.

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